About us

Breyting Community Roaster is a member-supported roastery with an unwavering devotion to quality, ethics, and activism.


Breyting Community Roaster (Breyting) was conceived by Fred Schneider, frontman of the iconic rock band The B-52s (www.theb52s.com), and socially conscious brand management company Breyting (www.breyting.com), founded by Von Coven. The roastery is the physical manifestation of the duo’s favorite things—good music, mid-century design, B-movies, edible landscaping, businesses that influence progressive social change, and hanging out with Intellectuals, freethinkers, and free spirits. And people who want to have fun, of course—after all, Fred is the frontman of the world’s greatest party band!

Breyting believes that our lives are an expression of who we are and what we stand for. The roastery is no exception. It has its own collective consciousness derived from its members, whose creative expressions are found in the roastery’s art, film, fashion, literature, and events, and obviously the coffees and teas. We invite you to come be part of our coffee company and our long-term goal—slow and sustainable growth that guides the roastery from a small coffee company to a lively citizen action group that will support our primary mission: just do good.

Come Breyting® with us