Regardless of a person’s background, race, or religion, Boys Town believes that everyone deserves the chance to reach their full potential. For 100 years, Boys Town has helped thousands of children and families. We don’t give up on kids and are committed to helping those who have failed in other systems. We do this by working to keep children and families safe, in their homes, in school, and out of the system. We give them the second chances they deserve. And we see the success of this work every day. Boys Town saves lives across America. Together we can make a difference.


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Charleston Legal Access is South Carolina’s first and only sliding-scale nonprofit law firm providing affordable legal services. CLA was created to fill a void in the legal community and offer services not provided by any other organization in the state. Our goal is simple: to provide low-cost legal representation and assistance to the working poor and others of modest means who do not qualify for free legal services but who cannot afford a private attorney. Specifically, we serve those between 125% (the cut-off for free legal services absent a waiver) and 400% of the federal poverty line.


Thousands of our neighbors go unrepresented in times of need because they fall into this “justice gap.” By providing legal assistance before parties become indigent, our services preserve the financial viability of our clients in the long term and ease the demands they would otherwise place on social services. These families are dealing with issues that could immediately take them from barely surviving month-to-month to homelessness and outright poverty. Examples include invalid and predatory debt collection, foreclosure, evictions, landlord-tenant disputes, wage theft, financial exploitation, and custody disputes. CLA works to prevent such outcomes by providing legal representation at these critical moments in their lives. We prioritize cases that sustain self-sufficiency by preserving income streams, homes, transportation, health, family safety and stability.


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Humanity Villages is on the front lines directly supporting homeless individuals and Veterans who are shelter challenged. Our organization uses community support in the form of funding, supplies, and volunteer work to provide supportive services and shelter to people in dire need.


Ways you can help:

• Join our Facebook group Humanity Villages to stay connected to our community’s requests for emergency clothing, ways to volunteer, and other news updates.

• Purchase supplies for our community, here is our wish list.

• Volunteer your website building and graphic arts skills to help build a website so we can rally more support.


The mission of Fostering Great Ideas is to restore hope to children in foster care through innovative ideas built on meaningful relationships. We serve 350 children and youth in foster care through innovative, relational-based measures: providing volunteer tutors and mentors, re-connecting siblings separated in foster care, supporting parents to acknowledge responsibility, and guiding older youth through decisions of college and career. In addition, we focus on system-wide reform by training and encouraging hundreds of foster parents, advocating for improvement with the strong voice of former foster youth, and educating our general public on how foster care can improve materially if we work together. In summary, we offer a comprehensive approach to reforming foster care, for the betterment of children.


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Wildflowers are essential to Florida’s ecological health, economy and natural beauty. They are a key component in our diverse ecosystems and are relied upon by so many species of wildlife, including the pollinators we depend on for our food. The Florida Wildflower Foundation works to protect, connect and expand native wildflower habitat through education, research, planting and conservation efforts. We help shape policy to reduce roadside mowing, and identify and designate wildflower areas throughout Florida. Hundreds of wildflower gardens have been established at schools, nature centers, botanical gardens, and city, county and state parks around the state through our planting grants.


Our website is the nation’s preeminent source for information related to Florida native wildflowers. Our publications, events and programs give people the tools and knowledge they need to build and enjoy native wildflower habitat. We developed activities for teachers and students, through which they can get to know Florida’s unique flora and fauna. Through these efforts and so much more, the Foundation connects people to native, natural Florida, and shows them how they can play a role in preserving and conserving wildflowers and native plants in natural areas, along roadsides, in urban areas, and in their home landscapes.


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Cancer Navigators is a regional nonprofit organization, established in 2006, that provides free resources and services to cancer patients in Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama. Cancer Navigators serves as a complement to the medical expertise of cancer care providers by guiding those affected by cancer toward a better understanding of diagnosis and care. Cancer Navigators is unique in the services it provides and there is not another organization in our high poverty region where cancer patients can receive the following collection of free assistance: social support (completing insurance, healthcare, and financial support applications and researching patient grants), counseling, nutrition assistance, transportation assistance, medical supplies, wigs, caps, hats and stress management support.


Cancer Navigators serves over 1,300 cancer patients annually, and strives to adequately meet cancer patients’ basic needs, relieve stress, increase chances of survival, provide hope, enhance quality of life, and ensure no one in our community journeys through cancer alone.


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A transplant is not a cure, but a bridge to life. The average heart transplant lasts only 17 years. One in four transplants will fail largely due to organ rejection. Of those who have another transplant, nearly half will not survive.


Anti-rejection drugs and rejection detection procedures negatively affect their quality of life. Enduring Hearts is the only nonprofit solely dedicated to research that helps kids with heart transplants live longer, healthier lives.


We fund the critical, yet often overlooked research needed to eliminate rejection, prevent life-threatening complications and reduce the risk that a second transplant will be needed.



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Did you know that there are more than 100 species of lemur, all native to Madagascar – and that 98% of those species are threatened with extinction? Almost one-third of all lemurs are just one step away from ceasing to exist in the wild!


The Lemur Conservation Foundation, founded in 1996, is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the primates of Madagascar. The Foundation operates a 130-acre lemur reserve in Myakka City, FL that is home to about 50 lemurs, each acting as a safety net for his or her species. Most of those lemurs freely roam on large, forested habitats, living life much as they would in their native land. Five species live on the reserve, including the largest colony of mongoose lemurs and the largest colony of red ruffed lemurs in the United States; common brown, collared brown and ring-tailed lemurs also call LCF home! From its office in Madagascar, the Lemur Conservation Foundation provides vital rainforest preservation programs and protects 11 additional lemur species.


The Lemur Conservation Foundation relies 100% on community support to save lemurs. For more information, visit – for a virtual tour, visit


With the new rate of autism diagnoses increasing to 1 out of 44 children, the need for supports and services continues to grow here in Central Florida. The Autism Society of Greater Orlando saw the need for supports for those with autism. ASGO was founded in 1996 by a group of volunteer parents to better assist families of children and adults with autism in the Central Florida area. The mission or goal of the ASGO is that all individuals within the autism spectrum will be provided a lifetime network of opportunities to become fully accepted, included, and actively participating members of our community, through family support, education, advocacy, and public awareness.


We are primarily a volunteer organization. Most of the volunteers are parents that understand what it is like to live with autism on a daily basis. We are here to be of support to you and your family. We host over 200 events, activities, trainings, social groups each year with most being underwritten by ASGO. We also believe in the need for training of our law enforcement officers and first responders. As such, ASGO provides this valuable training to all officers who request it. This is just one of the ways ASGO supports those living with autism in our local community. You can reach out to ASGO for more information by calling us at 407-855-0235 or on our website at