Please join our coffee fundraising campaign. With your support, Breyting Coffee™ gives 100% of the profits of your purchase to our cause. Each coffee box contains 4 (10 ounce) bags / 2.5 lbs. of coffee for $39.00. That is only $9.75 per bag of craft coffee. Change your coffee, change the world!

With the new rate of autism diagnoses increasing to 1 out of 44 children, the need for supports and services continues to grow here in Central Florida. The Autism Society of Greater Orlando saw the need for supports for those with autism. ASGO was founded in 1996 by a group of volunteer parents to better assist families of children and adults with autism in the Central Florida area. The mission or goal of the ASGO is that all individuals within the autism spectrum will be provided a lifetime network of opportunities to become fully accepted, included, and actively participating members of our community, through family support, education, advocacy, and public awareness.


We are primarily a volunteer organization. Most of the volunteers are parents that understand what it is like to live with autism on a daily basis. We are here to be of support to you and your family. We host over 200 events, activities, trainings, social groups each year with most being underwritten by ASGO. We also believe in the need for training of our law enforcement officers and first responders. As such, ASGO provides this valuable training to all officers who request it. This is just one of the ways ASGO supports those living with autism in our local community. You can reach out to ASGO for more information by calling us at 407-855-0235 or on our website at