Please join our coffee fundraising campaign. With your support, Breyting Coffee™ gives 100% of the profits of your purchase to our cause. Each coffee box contains 4 (10 ounce) bags / 2.5 lbs. of coffee for $39.00. That is only $9.75 per bag of craft coffee. Change your coffee, change the world!

Hey, everyone! If you haven’t heard, I’ve co-founded Breyting® Community Roaster in DeLand, Florida. Breyting Coffee is designed to do one thing well: coffee fundraising.


Before beginning my lifelong music career, I planned on becoming a conservationist, and my interest in preserving wild spaces and helping endangered species has never waned. So, I co-created Breyting’s program to harness the support of vast amounts of coffee drinkers into a fundraising system for organizations, and people pushing for a better society. It’s exciting to be part of Breyting’s program—which enables charities and progressive organizations to raise money in an easy way, with delicious coffee as a bonus.


You can make a difference in your community each day by changing the coffee you drink to Breyting Coffee. Simply go to and select the cause you want to support from the directory. After purchasing your coffee, delicious craft roasted coffee will arrive at your door, and a 20 percent contribution is sent to the nonprofit you selected. You + coffee = change.


Breyting has an ever-growing list of nonprofits and causes you can support. To bring awareness to some critical organizations, I’ve selected three of my favorite Florida causes to share with the community. This list includes Save the Manatee Club, LGBT+ Center Orlando, and So You Want Your Name In Lights. Plus, our up-and-coming Good News Newsletter will share the positive impacts these organizations make in our community.


Please consider supporting these organizations in any way that makes sense for you. If you love good coffee as much as I do, Breyting coffee may just be the perfect way for you to make a positive change in your community!


Fred Schneider


Click here to support one of these causes with the purchase of Breyting coffee.