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“No matter what your life is like now, you can change that. You can achieve your dreams if you stick with them. Some of these kids are homeless, and we show them there is another life out there.”


-Will Covington, So You Want Your Name in Lights


Will Covington has played alongside many well-known musicians. The drummer’s accolades include winning a Grammy award collaborating on one of B.B. King’s albums. His wife and partner, Gwen Covington, earned her Master’s in Business and spent years producing and performing music. Before their respective success, these musicians grew up in underserved communities. They saw firsthand the struggles kids experience and the dangerous implications it can cause. These hardships—and a love for music—led them to create the annual six-week summer camp, So You Want Your Name In Lights.


They are using the magnetism of music to draw teens down a healthier path—one filled with knowledge, inspiration, and empowerment. This youth mentoring program aims to empower 40 underserved teens to help them learn financial literacy, entrepreneurship, songwriting, music production, health and wellness, and other essential life skills. For example, they’ve enlisted the help of local bankers to conduct financial literacy workshops to teach teens money management and budgeting. Gwen says she’s also seen teens make remarkable progress in their songwriting course, which teaches them how to think critically and work together. The program also presents several collaborative partner opportunities, including an option for students to write and publish their own books. Over the years, they have seen students blossom into business owners and become true assets to the community.


It costs $50,000 per summer to operate this dynamic, critical program. This mentorship program is fully scholarship-based, which allows those most in need to participate. Some of these teens are homeless, and others struggle during the summer without the school’s lunch programs helping nourish them. At So You Want Your Name In Lights, they are fed and educated to become the best versions of themselves.


How can you help empower these underserved teens? By merely switching out your coffee, you could forever change their lives. With your support, you can help shift these teens’ trajectories to become positive contributors to our society. Twenty percent of each coffee purchase you make goes directly to the scholarship fund for these deserving students. You + coffee = change.


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