Please join our coffee fundraising campaign. With your support, Breyting Coffee™ gives 100% of the profits of your purchase to our cause. Each coffee box contains 4 (10 ounce) bags / 2.5 lbs. of coffee for $39.00. That is only $9.75 per bag of craft coffee. Change your coffee, change the world!

The need for more positive action & positive support continues to grow. Each generation faces different challenges. With each of those challenges comes the lessons and the importance of having a support system. Each of us have the capability of living the best life yet are not taught how. Our Consciousness meetings were created for that purpose. We teach awareness to help others find that peace, joy & satisfaction of life. Awareness of self activates the tools to make profound change. Join our enlightening conversations. We hold Consciousness meeting every other month. Adults & mature teens are encouraged to attend. These meetings our held @ the Breyting location in Deland, FL . Become more aware of yourself in support of your personal growth Mentally, Physically & Spiritually.


With our Encouragement Text Msg we continue to send positive reinforcement and mental boosts. Random messages, scriptures, memes or songs (based on the Holy Spirit) are sent to aid in uplifting the Mind & Spirit.


In addition, once a quarter we aid in the coordination of Beach Trash, Clean Up Located in Cocoa Beach ,over the Banana River , adopted by Tierra Bella Gallery. The time taken to pick up trash to help protect our Oceans and Marine wildlife immensely rewards the heart and mind. As we continue to gain support our services expand. Currently in the works is the Bag of Hope & Pantry for communities in need. With God’s favor we are confident our efforts will support the increase of more Love, Acceptance & Positive Energy.


Learn more about Blessing Restoring Awakening Nurturing Conscious Hearts INC. on our