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Our Change Studio aims to be a part of the global shift in consciousness by creating private sector solutions for today’s challenges. The studio brings people, businesses, organizations, and schools together to work on innovative concepts and projects that produce positive economic, social, and environmental progress within our roastery and society.

Another function of the Change Studio is to provide a place to work with creatives (art, advertising, fashion, literature, and architecture) to develop memorable marketing experiences that push the boundaries of merchandising expression, including helping non-profit organizations that need assistance marketing their missions, writing grant proposals, and implementing coffee fundraisers to fund their organizations. The studio’s contribution is proportionate to our growth, which can be followed in our progress targets below. Our Breyting® Family (which includes you!) is invited to be part of the solution. Email your ideas for inspiring, creating, and supporting positive change to support@breyting.com


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Targets Projects Progress
Create a Roastery that Uses Coffee as a Catalyst for Change. Create a roastery that uses coffee as a catalyst to inspire, create, and support positive change. This is done by aligning profits and revenue to:

1. Support non-profit organizations, giving a minimum of 25% of the revenue from its collaborative coffee fundraising program to organizations who use the program.

2. Use a minimum of 10% of the annual profits from the roastery’s coffee subscriptions to support economic, social, and environmental initiatives generated by our Change Studio.

UPDATE: Breyting Community Roaster became a reality in 2019. The company reimagined and renovated 126 W Ohio Ave. in DeLand, FL to include corporate offices, a roastery, and a tasting bar. The new facility represents a $770,000.00 investment that can produce 1,440 bags of coffee per day, enough to fulfill our coffee subscriptions for our subscribers and fuel our progress. The roastery partners with wonderful organizations in the areas of Economic Development, Social Justice, Human Rights, Public Health, Animal Rights, and Environmental Protection and Conservation, as well as consumers who share the roastery’s vision and values.

Create Holistic Business Contracts Engage with holistic attorneys (peacemakers) to create conscious contracts for our operating agreement (our operating agreement ensures that Ethics and our Philosophy supersede profit-making activities), general operating agreements, artist-licensing, vendor contracts, and other agreements that foster fair and ethical business dealings and contain a conflict resolution process that promotes healing and creates a path for our partnerships to get back into alignments and win-win outcomes, even if that outcome is parting ways.
Decrease Our Environmental Footprint with Our Coffee Packaging 1. Collaborate with our box vendors, retail partners, and freight companies to determine the most efficient box size.

UPDATE: The current square boxes we use today significantly reduce freight costs, reduce paper waste by more than 30%, and allow our trading partners to optimize shelf space.

2. IN PROGRESS: Develop and convert to a wax paper, biodegradable inner bag with a degassing valve that meets mandated freshness requirements. Work with our flexible packaging and corrugated box partners to use even safer inks.



Develop Our Snake Bomb® Coffee Activism Program Develop and implement a donation program for our Snake Bomb® Coffee.

UPDATE: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every bag of Snake Bomb coffee goes toward the program. The Breyting team lived and worked in Southeast Asia and collaborated with small non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Laos, Cambodia, the most bombed country per capita on earth. We also coordinated with broader government initiatives that contribute in the areas of health (venomous snake bites), UXO (unexploded ordinance) survivors’ assistance, advocacy, and veteran assistance programs.

(The H-House Project) The Breyting Group has acquired land and completed plans for the “H-House,” a small 1,585 SQFT four-bedroom, four-bath home where each bedroom has its own private courtyard and entrance. There is also a side-by-side suite option perfect for shared living and eldercare. The home is designed modularly so the owners can choose modules based on their family’s needs. The design is the most ecofriendly modern, scalable and locally resourced waste-minimizing four-bedroom, four-bath house possible, based on 2019 local, state and federal zoning, insurance, and financing criteria.

The mission of this project is to build the most affordable and functional multi-generational flex homes designed to empower the residents during the different stages of a family’s life cycle (single, marriage, children, income generating, elder care).

In progress

Breaking ground 2020


Create an Edible Teaching Garden at the Roastery Create a garden dedicated to teaching the benefits of tea, coffee, and indigenous Florida edible plants. This garden will work in conjunction with schools and organizations to promote healthy living. The garden will feature vertical stacked hydroponics, specialized grow trellises, and conventional growing with an emphasis on water conservation and increasing yields while embracing traditional farming practices that deny the use of pesticides.

This collaboration will be with Emily Ruff, Executive Director of the Florida School of Holistic Living and founder of the Florida Herbal Conference; David Schroeder, owner of Evolving Landscapes; and industry manufactures pioneering innovative products. The goal is to inspire change and set zoning precedence for change.


Create an Onsite Hydroponic Farm Create a hydroponic farm that uses a CSA (community-supported agriculture) model to support the farm. This onsite farm will work in conjunction with the roastery’s coffee subscription. Members will be able to pick up their fresh coffee and produce in one box. Future Plans
Install Solar Power Research, design, and implement a plan to power the roastery and grounds using only solar energy. Future Plans
Create a Sustainable Kitchen Collection When designing the H-house, we discovered the need for an affordable, ecofriendly kitchen and vanity. The industry does not have a solution for this, so we took it upon ourselves to find one. We will be creating a sustainable kitchen furniture system in partnership (TBA). This collection will be made in America and used in other Breyting® projects as well as being available for sale to other real-estate developers and consumers. Kitchens from the early 1900s, when furniture-style kitchens were the norm, inspire the collection.
Using a furniture-style kitchen with pre-determined openings for the sink, stove top, oven, dishwasher, and other appliances reduces waste. Remnants can be used for the countertops, reducing labor for onsite installations, and allowing people to rearrange the kitchen without destroying the cabinets or walls. If residents want a new kitchen, they have an asset that is sellable and will not end up in the landfills. We will also use this approach for vanities and similar built-ins.
Future Plans
Affective Activism Handbook Create the Breyting Blueprint for Change workbook: Interview veteran activists, change makers, and lawmakers to pass on a century of knowledge, best practices, strategies, and lessons to younger generations. This workbook will be full of contacts and guidance and give examples of how activism has changed our world for the better. Also included will be helpful contracts, forms, management styles, and fund-raising resources. Future Plans
Create a Shared Services Co-op Create a full-service support agency for today’s socially conscience businesses that will be organized as an employee-owned and operated company that has adopted cooperatives principles. The organization seeks to leverage the combined purchasing resources of its members to create a competitive advantage by allowing its members support on a pay-as-they-need basis. A key component to this organization is its purchasing programs that allow businesses to enjoy drastic freight discounts and other services needed to successfully compete in the manufacturing markets as well as other industries. Future Plans
Purchase an Afterburner Invest in an afterburner for our roaster to release an exhaust stream that is even cleaner and virtually free of smoke and odor. Future Plans
Onsite Composting and Recycling Program Create a self-imposed recycling program that includes an on-site, multi-bin compost structure for all of our coffee production wastes. Future Plans
Institute a Company-Wide Profit-Sharing Program Structure and implement a profit-sharing program for full-time and part-time company staff. Future Plans
Create an Integrative and Holistic Healing Program for Our Staff and Vendors Design and implement a program in which our workers, staff, and vendors may purchase access to an array of medical and holistic healing providers at group rates. Future Plans
Protect Sensitive and Important Wetlands. Create a private sector solution for saving sensitive and important wetlands. This will be a partnership with people, wildlife, and Mother Nature in an effort to preserve and protect much needed wet lands in Florida and Georgia while giving lasting enjoyment to all its inhabitants.

We are in the conceptual design stage to create the legal and funding framework for a real estate development where a percentage of the revenue from the development is used to purchase, protect, and manage sensitive wetlands. The wetland will be owned by the proposed project and put in trust.

The first development will have livable tree houses, small homes, live/work homes, event space, and a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm. Once completed, we will share this information with other investors and developers in hopes of shifting the allocation of capital and profits from traditional sub-divisions to projects that have a broader lasting positive impact on the community while protecting and preserving important land.

Future Plans
Change Zoning Ordinances Change public policy in particular affecting local zoning ordinances to promote and allow accessory dwellings like mother-in-law suites, income-generating housing, live/work homes, multi-generational and shared living dwellings, and on-site vegetable farming. In addition, the hope is that these changes will promote higher-density developments that are balanced with community parks, public gardens, and edible landscaping available to the community. Future Plans
Employ a Community Involvement Officer (CIO) Retain a Community Involvement Officer (CIO) to implement, direct, and manage our online sales, cooperative fundraising program, public relations, social media platforms, and events, and to seek new ways to involve the community in Breyting initiatives. Future Plans
Introduce a Wider Selection of Cause-Related Coffees and Teas Expand our coffee collection to include coffees that specifically help organizations in the following areas:

Bulling: Launch “No Bull” coffee campaign with a portion of the proceeds going to help reverse bullying in its various forms including schools, corporations, lawsuits, and even dictatorships. Start a “No Bull Defense Fund” to finance attorneys to defend those experiencing abusive litigation and put an end to gag orders and non-disparagement clauses that prevent people, especially women, from talking about the abuse they suffered.

Institutional Abuse: Launch a coffee to Aid in the Healing of Institutional Abuse. We plan to introduce a coffee whose proceeds assist those who have experienced institutional abuse in a juvenile psychiatric facility, juvenile detention center, orphanage, foster home, group home, or pre-adoptive home.

Future Plans
Empower People through Entrepreneurship Develop a partnership system for Breyting Community Roaster built on cooperatives principles that will be offered for a $1.00 licensing fee and a balanced and fair non-recourse agreement. The idea is to create the efficiencies through economies of scale for smaller coffee shops and roasteries to be able to be competitive in the marketplace.

This partnership will include programs for marketing materials, national marketing campaigns, green coffee, supplies, equipment, branded boxes, and a dedicated support team that will offer training, operational support, technology guidance, and sales programs.

Future Plans
Create a Coffee Importing Company with a Transparency System One lesson we learned from importing coffee is it should be treated as a separate business unto itself and be set up as an independently run company that works in tandem with our roastery. We plan to establish a coffee and tea import company built on cooperative principles for the purpose of importing specialty coffees and teas not only for Breyting Community Roaster but over like-minded coffee companies.

A founding principle of our company is “Don’t let people, markets, or organizations control your destiny.” For this reason, this new company will be vertically integrated, from the farmers to the consumers. A key component to this new company is developing a simple web-based, transparent certification system that allows our customers to trace their coffee to the farmers who grew it by viewing third-party soil reports, view video of the farms, and see the documents that provide proof of fair and equal compensation to farmers (including the women farmers who comprise 70% of the labor force).

This new venture will also seek to increase our intake of certified organic coffees from Southeast Asia by partnering with certification bodies to support small, family-run farms.

Future Plans
Establish Our End Goal: The Breyting® Foundation The roastery has a succession plan and 100-Year business plan is intended to lay the foundation and guidance for the organization to thrive beyond the founders’ lifetimes. This includes establishing the Breyting Foundation, a grant-making body that sustainably supports our primary mission: inspire, create, and support positive change. Future Plans
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