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Charleston Legal Access is South Carolina’s first and only sliding-scale nonprofit law firm providing affordable legal services. CLA was created to fill a void in the legal community and offer services not provided by any other organization in the state. Our goal is simple: to provide low-cost legal representation and assistance to the working poor and others of modest means who do not qualify for free legal services but who cannot afford a private attorney. Specifically, we serve those between 125% (the cut-off for free legal services absent a waiver) and 400% of the federal poverty line.


Thousands of our neighbors go unrepresented in times of need because they fall into this “justice gap.” By providing legal assistance before parties become indigent, our services preserve the financial viability of our clients in the long term and ease the demands they would otherwise place on social services. These families are dealing with issues that could immediately take them from barely surviving month-to-month to homelessness and outright poverty. Examples include invalid and predatory debt collection, foreclosure, evictions, landlord-tenant disputes, wage theft, financial exploitation, and custody disputes. CLA works to prevent such outcomes by providing legal representation at these critical moments in their lives. We prioritize cases that sustain self-sufficiency by preserving income streams, homes, transportation, health, family safety and stability.


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