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Frequently askedquestions

What is Breyting Community Roaster?

Breyting Community Roaster—affectionally referred to as “Breyting,” is designed to do one thing well—coffee fundraising. The roastery is managed by seasoned coffee professionals and change-makers devoted to harnessing the support of vast amounts of coffee drinkers into a support system for organizations and people pushing for a better society.

Since 2007, the roastery partners with wonderful organizations in the areas of Environmental Protection and Conservation. Economic Development, Social Justice, Human Rights, Public Health, and Animal Rights. We have two different coffee fundraising programs that our community allies can use to support their missions. The first is our easy-to-implement online fundraiser, and the second is our traditional, more profitable wholesale fundraising program. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Who founded the roastery?

The roastery is the brainchild of enduring friends Fred Schneider, front man of the iconic rock band The B-52s (www.theb52s.com), and Von Coven, founder of Breyting® (www.breyting.com), an innovative studio that creates change.

About Roastery

What does Breyting mean?

brey·ting (brā-tîng) n. – is Icelandic for “change.”

How do I contact you?

The roastery is located near the front entrance to Stetson University near downtown DeLand Florida. Why DeLand? DeLand has a vibrant artist and music scene and a growing community of likeminded people. We invite you to come checkout out the town and stop by and say hello.

126 W Ohio Ave DeLand FL 32720


Are you a 501C3 Non-profit?

The roastery is currently a for-profit company doing social good. However, the roastery has a succession plan and long-term operating plan intended to lay the foundation and guidance for the organization to thrive beyond the founders’ lifetimes. This plan includes establishing Breyting Community Roaster as a foundation that sustainably supports the roastery’s primary mission: to use coffee as a catalyst to support positive change.

What are your values?

We believe in creating economic, social, and environmental progress through collaboration and that ethics and our business philosophy supersede profit-making activities. That is, we intend to generate revenue and profits but not at the expense of our values. For this reason, we choose to do business with those who are in alignment with our values listed below;

  • We embrace all races, genders, spiritual paths, sexual orientations, and people and their individuality, after all, every one of us wants to be heard and seen for our authentic self.
  • We believe in protecting our natural environment and animals.
  • We believe in treating all people with kindness and as equals.
  • We believe in producing products and services that have a benefit to society.
Is there an Airbnb at the roastery?

Yes, the roastery has a room with a dedicated entrance and bathroom that can be rented per night. For rates and availability, email support@breyting.com.

About Roastery

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