Please join our coffee fundraising campaign. With your support, Breyting Coffee™ gives 100% of the profits of your purchase to our cause. Each coffee box contains 4 (10 ounce) bags / 2.5 lbs. of coffee for $39.00. That is only $9.75 per bag of craft coffee. Change your coffee, change the world!

When comparing Breyting coffee™ to other coffees please make sure you take into consideration the following aspects:

  • The origin and species of the coffee.
  • The cupping and tasting characteristics.
  • The overall quality of the product.
  • How much coffee is being sold (net weight).
  • What initiatives the coffee supports (Organic, non-profits, etc.).
  • Sustainability efforts such as packaging and on-site practices.
  • The organization’s overall ethics.
  • Shipping cost (which is a huge hurdle for all small roasters like Breyting Coffee).

When considering all the above factors, you will find at $9.75 per 10 ounce bag, our coffees are competitively priced with other single-origin craft coffees, which range from $12 -$18.00 per 10 ounce bag.