Please join our coffee fundraising campaign. With your support, Breyting Coffee™ gives 100% of the profits of your purchase to our cause. Each coffee box contains 4 (10 ounce) bags / 2.5 lbs. of coffee for $39.00. That is only $9.75 per bag of craft coffee. Change your coffee, change the world!

Our 100 percent-to-causes commitment is one of our founding values. Each month we give 100 percent of our projected profits from each purchase to the causes our customers choose to support with their purchases. This percentage is calculated using the total purchase price, excluding the additional shipping cost, and taxes, as we don’t make a profit from these expenses. Throughout the year, we pay ordinary business expenses, such as our lease, payroll, cost of goods, advertising, taxes, as well as make program-related reinvestments and cover any unanticipated expenditures.

Then, at the closing of the fiscal year, if there are any profits remaining, we distribute them to the good causes within our directory. This method of disbursing funds allows us to get the time-critical funds to the non-profits each month, pay our expenses and taxes, and keep our 100 percent-to-causes commitment. In the simplest terms, we exist to support change.