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Wildflowers are essential to Florida’s ecological health, economy and natural beauty. They are a key component in our diverse ecosystems and are relied upon by so many species of wildlife, including the pollinators we depend on for our food. The Florida Wildflower Foundation works to protect, connect and expand native wildflower habitat through education, research, planting and conservation efforts. We help shape policy to reduce roadside mowing, and identify and designate wildflower areas throughout Florida. Hundreds of wildflower gardens have been established at schools, nature centers, botanical gardens, and city, county and state parks around the state through our planting grants.


Our website is the nation’s preeminent source for information related to Florida native wildflowers. Our publications, events and programs give people the tools and knowledge they need to build and enjoy native wildflower habitat. We developed activities for teachers and students, through which they can get to know Florida’s unique flora and fauna. Through these efforts and so much more, the Foundation connects people to native, natural Florida, and shows them how they can play a role in preserving and conserving wildflowers and native plants in natural areas, along roadsides, in urban areas, and in their home landscapes.


To learn about our organization, visit