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Below you will find target points that show how we intend to use our customers support and reinvest profits to better our roastery, the world, and your coffee experience. Our Breyting® Family (which includes you!) invites you to be a part of the progress. Please email us your ideas to support@breyting.com


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Targets Projects Progress
Create a Roastery that Uses Coffee as a Catalyst for Change Create a roastery that uses coffee as a catalyst to support positive change. This is done by aligning profits and revenue to:

• Support non-profit organizations, giving a minimum of 25% of the revenue from its coffee fundraising program to organizations who use the program.

• Use a minimum of 10% of the roastery’s annual profits to support economic, social, and environmental improvements for the roastery.

UPDATE: Breyting Community Roaster became a reality in 2019. The company reimagined and renovated 126 W Ohio Ave. in DeLand, FL to include corporate offices, a roastery, and a tasting bar. The new facility represents a $770,000.00 investment that can produce 1,440 bags of coffee per day, enough to fulfill our coffee orders and fuel our progress.

Create Holistic Business Contracts Engage with holistic attorneys (peacemakers) to create conscious contracts for our operating agreement (our operating agreement ensures that Ethics and our Philosophy supersede profit-making activities), general operating agreements, licensing, vendor contracts, and other agreements that foster fair and ethical business dealings and contain a conflict resolution process that promotes healing and creates a path for our partnerships to get back into alignments and win-win outcomes, even if that outcome is parting ways.
Decrease Our Environmental Footprint with Our Coffee Packaging 1. Collaborate with our box vendors, retail partners, and freight companies to determine the most efficient box size.

UPDATE: The current square boxes we use today significantly reduce freight costs, reduce paper waste by more than 30% and optimize shelf space.

2. IN PROGRESS: Develop and convert to a wax paper, biodegradable inner bag with a degassing valve that meets freshness requirements. Work with our flexible packaging and corrugated box partners to use even safer inks.



Shop-n-Shop Program Work with schools and designers to create a freestanding shop-n-shop display for our fundraising campaigns. In progress
Create an Edible Teaching Garden at the Roastery Create a garden dedicated to teaching the benefits of tea, coffee, and indigenous Florida edible plants. This garden will work in conjunction with schools and organizations to promote healthy living. The garden will feature vertical stacked hydroponics, specialized grow trellises, and conventional growing with an emphasis on water conservation and increasing yields while embracing traditional farming practices that deny the use of pesticides.


In progress
Install Solar Power Research, design, and implement a plan to power the roastery and grounds using only solar energy.
Purchase an Afterburner Invest in an afterburner for our roaster to release an exhaust stream that is even cleaner and virtually free of smoke and odor. Future Plans
Onsite Composting and Recycling Program Create a self-imposed recycling program that includes an on-site, multi-bin compost structure for all of our coffee production wastes. Future Plans
Institute a Company-Wide Profit-Sharing Program Structure and implement a profit-sharing program for full-time and part-time company staff. Future Plans
Empower People through Entrepreneurship Develop a partnership program for Breyting Community Roaster built on cooperatives principles that will be offered for a $1.00 licensing fee and a balanced and fair non-recourse agreement. The idea is to create the efficiencies through economies of scale for our trading partners to be able to be competitive in the marketplace.

This partnership will include programs for marketing materials, national marketing campaigns, green coffee, supplies, equipment, branded boxes, and a dedicated support team that will offer training, operational support, technology guidance, and sales programs.

Future Plans
Create a Coffee Importing Company with a Transparency System One lesson we learned from importing coffee is it should be treated as a separate business unto itself and be set up as an independently run company that works in tandem with our roastery. We plan to establish a coffee and tea import company built on cooperative principles for the purpose of importing specialty coffees and teas not only for Breyting Community Roaster but over like-minded coffee companies.

A founding principle of our company is “Don’t let people, markets, or organizations control your destiny.” For this reason, this new company will be vertically integrated, from the farmers to the consumers. A key component to this new company is developing a simple web-based, transparent certification system that allows our customers to trace their coffee to the farmers who grew it by viewing third-party soil reports, view video of the farms, and see the documents that provide proof of fair and equal compensation to farmers (including the women farmers who comprise 70% of the labor force). This new venture will also seek to increase our intake of organic coffees.

Future Plans
Establish Our End Goal: The Breyting® Foundation The roastery has a succession plan and 100-Year plan intended to lay the foundation and guidance for the organization to thrive beyond the founders’ lifetimes. This plan includes establishing Breyting Community Roaster as a foundation that sustainably supports the roastery’s primary mission: to use coffee as a catalyst to support positive change. Future Plans
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