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Breyting® means “change” in Icelandic, and our name accurately portrays Breyting Community Roaster’s ambition to create economic, social, and environmental progress. Our progress and contribution to society are proportionate to our growth and our member’s support. The purpose of this forum is to identify areas within our organization and within the community that need improving. These improvements can be goals for the roastery that will be implemented as resources become available or social needs and improvements to benefit the community at large. Once a social need has been identified that is realistic for the roastery to help with, we will reach out to people who have right knowledge and experience for the project. We will work with these professionals to discover precisely how to structure the project and work out the framework, starting by creating a checklist to rally support. In addition, we will look to see if we can align the roastery’s revenue, resources, contacts, media platforms, and products to help. These projects then become their own entity to be funded by the private sector through grants and donations of both time and money, or by being offered to people or organizations who are better suited to implement and manage them. Please follow our progress below as well as on our blog and social media.


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This progress chart shows our goals and progress.

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Targets Activites | The 100-year plan starts here. Progress
Develop Our Snake Bomb® Program. Breyting Community Roaster™ developed and finalized our donation programs for Snake Bomb® Coffee. This involved living in Southeast Asia and collaborating with non-profit organizations as well as government initiatives that contribute in the areas of health (Snake Bites), UXO (unexploded ordinance) survivors’ assistance, advocacy, and community development. This was accomplished primarily by working with small non-profits and NGOs within Laos that are doing amazing work.
Decrease Our Environmental Footprint with Our Coffee Boxes. We worked in collaboration with the vendors who supply our boxes, our retail partners, and freight companies to discover the most efficient box size, leading to the square boxes we use now. A box size of 2.75” x 2.75” significantly reduces our freight cost, reduces waste by at least 30%, and allows retailers to maximize their shelving space, all steps in the right direction—COMPLETED 2018.
The next step is developing a wax paper biodegradable inner bag with a degassing valve that meets freshness requirements mandated by our retail partners. In addition, we are working with our flexible packaging and corrugated box partners to use safer inks.
Build A New Community Roaster with Event Space in Deland, FL. This new facility represents a $580,000 investment that will be able to produce 1,440 bags of coffee per day, which will handle our online sales and annual coffee subscriptions. The roastery has a members-only coffee bar and event space (open for special events only) for our members and non-profits to use to hold meetings and fundraising events.
Fund and Launch Our Artist Collaboration Program. This will be achieved through partnering with artists to create limited edition products that benefit both the artist and the roastery while serving a cause.
Create Holistic Contracts. Engage with holistic attorneys (peacemakers) to create conscious contracts for our operating agreement, artist-licensing agreements, outside sales representative agreement, and other agreements needed to operate Breyting Community Roaster. These contracts will foster fair and ethical business dealings and offer a conflict resolution process that promotes healing rather than having a winner and loser.
Stay at the Roastery. We are renting out Fred’s room when he is not in town, which has a private, entrance, living room, bathroom and bedroom. The location is in downtown DeLand, half a block from the entrance to Stetson University and two blocks from the heart of downtown.
Breyting Private Dinners. We are converting space into a kitchen that will feature local chefs and include a long, live-edge table that seats 24 people. The space can be used for private dinners and events that open up discussions about many pressing social issues.
3,000 Members  
Zen, an edible garden experience. We are working with David Schroeder of Evolving Landscapes to create a bamboo and edible garden and outside event space. This will be the first of four outdoor seating areas designed in collaboration with local designers and artists.

Here is a link showing the current design:

Launch Our Cooperative Fundraising Program. This program will allow grassroots organizations to use our coffee fundraising program to generate proceeds to support their missions.
Profit Sharing. Implement a profit-sharing program for the baristas and workers.
Create an Integrative Concierge Doctor and Holistic Healing Program for Our Workers and Members. Create a program that our workers and members can use to access an array of holistic services. The more members we have, the lower the rates for services.
Hire a Community Involvement Officer (CIO). The Community Involvement Officer (CIO) will implement and manage our events, programs, press releases, and social media platforms including online sales. Part of the CIO’s daily tasks will be to ensure our fundraising campaigns are effective and seeks new ways to involve Breyting Community Roaster in the community.
Install Solar Power. This will allow for our roastery and café to be entirely solar powered.
Launch Our Pedal for Progress Campaign. Breyting® is founded on the camaraderie found in the bike and board sports culture that has always questioned mainstream ideas and pioneered new ways with purpose. ALL THE PROCEEDS from these rides go directly to support local organizations that align with our values.
6,000 Members  
Launch Our Magazine, Blog, B-TV (YouTube/Facebook/Digital Channel). With this milestone, we will launch a solutions-based media platform and hire journalists to cover economic, social, and environmental topics and issues in the southeast. In addition, this platform will spotlight artists, musicians, and coffee.
Purchase an Afterburner. We will invest in an afterburner for our roaster that will reduce the by-products and particulates that could be harmful to the environment. The result will be an exhaust stream that is cleaner and virtually free of smoke and odor.
Onsite Composting and Recycling Program. We will create a self-imposed recycling program for all our wastes, including an on-site multi-bin compost structure.
10,000 Members  
Hire a Political Director and a Law Director. This team will assist in an array of matters including writing articles that explain current laws and why it’s essential to support or resist a proposed legislation. Also, they will push for changes in local public policies. In addition, this team will help direct signatures, emails and calls to politicians and other key decision-makers. The idea is to make activism easy to understand and to get involved, so any member can become a highly effective campaigner for equality and social justice.
Increase Our Intake of Certified Organic Coffees from Southeast Asia. This will be achieved through partnering with a few certification bodies, but mostly the Department of Agriculture in Laos which has made a strong push to organize its own version of ACT (Agriculture Certification Thailand). This project has become quite successful and led to the formation of the LCB (Lao Certification Body). However, it will be many decades before all the villages and farmers become certified. In the meantime, Breyting Community Roaster™ is doing what we can to obtain and increase our certifications while not marginalizing small, family-run farms.
The Breyting Community Roaster Exhibit and Coffee Tasting. We will launch our “Awareness is the greatest weapon” exhibit. To do so, we will go on the road, using the transformative power of art and photography to educate and increase awareness while offering solutions for today’s problems.
This tour will give activists on the front lines of awareness a new platform to bring about change, including offering information on the issues to the attorneys pushing for reform. A key aspect of this tour is interviewing veteran activists, change makers, and lawmakers to pass on their knowledge, best practices, strategies, and lessons to the younger generation.
12,000 Members  
Purchase a Coffee Activism Van. There are already people and organizations on the front lines doing the hard work, and they need coffee and support. Taking inspiration from the Japanese political vans, Breyting Community Roaster will show up to gatherings, show our support, and serve coffee.
Going beyond Fair Trade and Organic. Breyting Community Roaster™ will develop our own web-based transparent certification system that allows the customers to trace their coffee to the farmers who grew it. Customers can view documents that provide proof of payments to show that the farmers are receiving fair compensation, that women farmers are equally supported (as women are responsible for 70% of the labor), and view third-party organic reports.
Add More Awareness and Revenue for the Snake Bomb® Project. We are working on conceptual ideas to develop a new sales channel for our Snake Bomb® program, including possibly a boxed cold brew coffee. This will be launched through partnering with licensees that can distribute the new Snake Bomb® coffee. The licensing proceeds will go to support the project. Snake Bomb: Laos is the most bombed country per capita on Earth. A portion of the proceeds from every bag goes toward the removal of unexploded bombs (UXO), UXO victim assistance programs and anti-venom projects for snakebites.
No-Bull Coffee. From playgrounds to dictatorships, bullying is a significant problem throughout the world. Societies still have not figured out an effective way handle them. We will launch a coffee to help heal the increase in bullying, including corporate bullying and abusive lawsuits. In connection with this coffee, we will help start a “No Bull Defense Fund” to fund attorneys who are willing to defend people experiencing abusive litigation and other forms of bullying. Another aspect of this program is to change public policies. In particular, we want to put an end to gag orders and nondisparagement that prevent people from talking about the abuse they suffered, particularly women.
A Coffee to Aid in the Healing of Institutional Abuse. We will launch a coffee to help end institutional abuse. This coffee will be aligned with organizations that assist people who have or are experiencing childhood abuse, including those who spent time in a juvenile institution or detention center, orphanage, or residential or foster homes.
12 Queens of X-MAS. Acceptance and Equality – it should be realized and practiced by now but we still have a ways to go. The 12 Queens of X-MAS is an annual coffee subscription comprised of 12 celebrities and artists who have broken gender norms and pushed the boundaries so everyone can be seen for their authentic selves in whatever forms of expression they chose. We all should have the right to be seen for our authentic selves without experiencing judgment and hate. This campaign will bring light to just how far we have come and how far we need to go as a society.
Empowering People through Entrepreneurship. This will be achieved by developing a Breyting Community Roaster™ coffee cart and coffee shop franchise model that will be offered for a $1.00 franchise fee, a fair non-recourse agreement, and an affordable buying program for marketing materials and supplies that is accompanied by a dedicated support team.

It is not our goal or intension to expand by taking market share from others but rather by working in collaboration with other existing coffee shops and coffee companies in ways that adds value to both the community and the shop owners.

Our End Goal: The Breyting® Foundation. The end goal is to build Breyting Community Roaster™ into a highly respected citizen-action group known for effectively using member support to benefit humanity. As part of the company’s succession plan, the company will be turned into a non-profit origination that will sustainably support our primary mission: just do good.