No margin, no mission.

We excel in coffee fundraising! In fact, we started out using coffee as a way to support our own activism and quickly realized thousands of other organizations shared our struggle to find consistent benefactors for donations. Over the years we grew and matured, resulting not just in a better coffee service to our customers, but a greater impact in our push for social change. When we help you achieve your funding needs, it allows us to fund our activism. Exponential progress through collaboration. We have two simple cooperative fundraising programs that are easy to implement and very profitable to your organization.

Progress through collaboration. Everyone involved in our fundraising program
benefits, the farmers, the consumers, our roastery and your non-profit.


– Send an email to your audience announcing the fundraiser.
– We process and fulfill the order.
– You collect a check for $2.50 per bag.
– No money out of pocket • Market as much or little as you want.


Email or mail us your organization’s:

a) Legal name (the name you wish to appear on your checks)
b) Address
c) Your fundraiser administrator’s name and contact info:

Mail: 126 W Ohio Ave, DeLand FL 32720


Send a notice to your members telling them about your new fundraiser and ask them to go to www.Community, to place an order. Please note your members will need to enter your organization’s name where it asks for “Fundraiser Code” when checking out. If by chance your organization has multiple locations, then use your organization’s name + location.


Once your supporters purchase the coffee online, we will ship the coffee, usually within 48 hours. The price per bag is $12.89 to $18.89 depending on the blend plus $2.25 per bag shipping. Sold in sets of twos. Price shown is for two 10oz coffees or 20oz per order. This two-box minimum allows us to absorb the shipping cost and pay your organization.


Our system allows us to track each fundraiser code by month so we can accurately account for the number of your supporters. We then send your organization a check for $5.00 per order of coffee purchased through our site. Checks are sent out the 15th of every month. That’s $5.00 per 2-box order that goes to your organization and fundraising goals. It adds up quick. For example, with 1,500 supporters, your fundraiser can make $7,500.00. Not bad for sending an email.


– Place a bulk order at our wholesale prices
– We ship fresh roasted coffee within 10 days.
– You sell at your own pace and markup.


EBuy from us at the same price we sell to large grocery chains and retailers. We offer both whole bean and ground coffees. (Email us for our latest price list at


Contact your Breyting Community Roaster™ Representative via email or phone to place your order. Small orders can ship within 48 hours while large orders can take up to 10 days to roast and package. We kindly ask that orders be prepaid by check, cash, credit card, or Pay Pal.


We will deliver your bulk order per your instructions. From there it’s up to your organization to sell and distribute however you wish. For orders within 50 miles of Orlando Florida, we will deliver your bulk orders for free. Orders outside of that area will be shipped UPS Freight Collect.

Download our easy to use fundraising order form.
Fundraising Form

Gifts and Incentives

As part of our fundraising program, we can provide
marketing materials, order forms and prizes like t-shirts to hand out as incentives. Please let us know how we can help support your