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Global Response Management (GRM) is a veteran-founded, women-led, U.S. based international 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to deliver emergency medical care and humanitarian relief to vulnerable populations affected by conflict or disaster. One of GRM’s core beliefs is that access to medical care is a basic human right. We believe that everyone has the right to the best possible medical care on the worst day of their life.


GRM’s commitment to refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and displaced peoples has driven us to respond in nine countries treating more than 100,000 patients and coordinating humanitarian relief efforts over the last five years. Whether at the U.S./Mexico border, in The Bahamas, Iraq, Northeast Syria, Sierra Leone, or Yemen, GRM’s staff and volunteers live the ethos of selfless service and bring the best from academic, military, and civilian medicine for patient care in high-risk, low-resource environments with an emphasis on capacity-building and innovative partnerships.


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