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We are so grateful for the incredible work you are doing, so we have created a platform that makes raising needed funds for your critical programs easy and delicious.

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Simply sign-up for free by filling out the form below and you’ll receive a unique link, which you can think of as your own fundraising store. You share this link on your newsletters, social media posts, and website asking your community to support your fundraiser.

Your Community Supports You

Your supporters place orders to support you. Breyting Coffee handles the roasting, fulfillments, and payment processing.

Receive Needed Funds

At Breyting Coffee, we have a 100 percent-to-causes commitment. Each month we give 100 percent of our projected profits from each purchase to the causes our customers choose to support with their purchases. As an example, the fundraising coffee will net you $8 per single order, while other items such as t-shirts will net you $14 per order. At the closing of each year, we distribute any remaining profits to our nonprofit partners. This is how we’re able to support your causes each month, while still paying our expenses and annual taxes. Once you are signed up, we will send you our catalog with your prices and a transparent breakdown of cost, as well as a guide to creating your campaign. There’s even a list of free additional support that we can provide.

Our products are all competitively priced. It’s important to note that commodities like coffee don’t have large margins, but rather high frequency of use. We are in the works of expanding our list of items to include more craft-made, sustainable products on our website, where you can raise additional funds. If you have further questions, please email us at


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    *Please note we may reach out to find out more about your organization and confirm that it meets our standards. We reserve the right to decline any organization from being listed on the Breyting Coffee directory at any time. Our current standards are listed on our FAQ page, and we have the right to modify these as we see fit.