Orlando Florida, June 1st, 2015 – The board of directors of Breyting Coffee & Tea Company™, have approved a business model change that reduces our product offering and regroups our production equipment into two focused divisions geared to add value for our customers. In addition to this new focus we will have the financial strength for capturing market share in the upcoming global economic changes and the R&D resources to develop innovative products that don’t just replace a SKU but rather start a whole new market or product offering.

This said it is time for change and with hospitality franchisors moving away from “square and round” 1-cup, 4-cup and 12-cup filters and moving to “capsules” and “K-cups” we have decided to sell off our 1-cup, 4-cup and 12-cup packaging lanes and stop making these products altogether effective December 1, 2015. In our efforts to focus our product ranges and align our sales channels with our marketing we have regrouped into the following divisions;
1. Breyting Coffee™ ( which exclusively focuses on providing hotels with our single serve in room program (single serve coffee packaged in “capsules” and “K-cups”, tea, condiments, tray, cups, and proprietary coffee maker).
2. Breyting Community Roaster™ (, which focuses on activism and supporting other non-profits through an innovative fundraising program and also sells our branded coffees to retailers such as our Fred Schneider’s Monster Blend™, a collaboration with the frontman of the “world’s greatest party band”, The B-52s and other collaborations with musicians, celebrities and activists. 

For those of you that know our history you know we are an advocate to bring back U.S. manufacturing and have meet with countless economic development leaders and even senators in our plea to change public policy, affecting in particular unfair taxes and subsidies that favor foreign production instead of localized businesses and programs such as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and to implement incentive programs for retailers that support U.S.A made products. 

As we reform Breyting Coffee & Tea Company, we are aligning our brands with retailers and distributors who share our core commitments to America first and social and environmental responsibility. To this end we have invested $800,00.00 in new packaging and roasting equipment and have committed to opening a new coffee plant in Deland Florida (1220 Biscayne Blvd Unit G & H Deland, FL 32724), which will be operational by June 15th 2016. We are also working in collaboration with other U.S. manufacturers to create a line of new merchandise that proudly bares the “Made in America” mark that we will market through our distribution network and retailer’s worldwide.
Our long-held business strategy is to build brands that have modest yet consistent earning power, good returns on equity and surrounding these brands with talented and honest management. Going forward you can expect this strategy to be applied and practiced.

We thank you for your continued support.
The Breyting Companies