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Progress through collaboration.
Everyone involved in our fundraising programs benefits:
the coffee farmer, the roastery, the customer, and your organization.



Here is how it works:


We’ll provide the coffee and you provide the community!


  • Send your personalized email and social media post(s) to your organization’s supporters, asking them to support your collaborative coffee fundraiser.
  • Send them to our website www.communityroaster.com and give them your unique fundraising code.
  • Supporters can make a one-time purchase for themselves, send coffee as a gift or sign up for a prepaid monthly subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months. They enter your fundraising code at checkout and place their order.
  • You will receive 25% of the proceeds per box ordered.

About Fundraising Codes

We track coffee sales by fundraising codes, unique to each organization. You can create your own code or we can assign one. Please stress to your community members that your organization gets paid only when the code is entered!


If your organization has a long name or multiple locations, we suggest creating multiple codes by using the first four letters of your organization’s name or acronym followed by your location’s five-digit zip code with no spaces. For example, the code for Breyting Community Roaster in DeLand, FL, would be BREY32720. This method keeps things simple—it’s easy for your supporters to remember and spell.


How to Order

We try to make ordering easy. Just put our link (www.communityroaster.com) in your mailings and postings so that your supporters can go to our order page. They can choose from:


  • One-Time order or Prepaid monthly subscription
  • Regular or Decaf
  • Whole bean or Ground
  • When they have made their choices, they simply enter your fundraising code in the box.


What happens next?

We freshly roast and ship your coffee to order, so it arrives quickly, typically within 4-8 days for Florida and the East Coast.


We charge $3.50 for domestic shipping and handling to help offset the actual shipping cost, which can range from $6.40 (Florida) to $9.80 (East Coast) per order. However, the cost of shipping does not affect the 25% per box that you receive.


Then you get paid!

Your organization receives 25% ($5.50) per box ordered. The funds add up quickly!


For example, if 200 supporters make a one-time coffee purchase, your organization would receive a check for $1,100.00.


If those same 200 supporters purchased a prepaid annual (12-months) subscription, your organization would receive $13,200.00 annually. That’s a great return for sending an email asking for their support—no money out of pocket and very little time spent setting things up. We take care of the order fulfillment, tracking, and accounting.


Checks are mailed out at the end of the month, after we have fulfilled your supporters’ orders.



To launch this program, email the information below to support@breyting.com:


  • Your organizations’ legal name (for your checks)
  • Address to send the checks
  • Administrator’s name and contact information
  • (direct phone number and email)

  • An estimated number of supporters
  • (so we can be prepared!)

  • Marketing start date
  • Desired fundraising code(s)
  • If you are tax exempt please attach your exemption.


We will touch base with you after we receive your email, usually within 48 hours.


    • We are here to support your mission, so please let us know how we can help.

    • Please tag us on social media: 
    Facebook @BCRoaster 
    Instagram @CommunityRoaster

    If you need help writing a personalized email message, or need images or content for social media posts, please email us for help and ideas.


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