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about ourcoffee

What does the coffee taste like?

Our Breyting® Blend is a wonderful blend of Arabica coffees from South America –naturally sweet and clean, with a smooth nutty finish.

Is the coffee pesticide free?

Yes. As advocates for pesticide and GMO-free foods, we understand the importance of Direct Trade and Pesticide Free Coffees. All coffees for our Breyting® blend are either certified organic or come from a source that we know practice traditional farming practices that do not use pesticides.

Do you roast your own coffee?

Yes. But we don’t do it alone; we work with a vibrant group of food activists, roasters, agronomists, tasters, and growers who donate their time to work with us to improve our taste profile(s) and supply chain. These small incremental improvements have added up to a good cup of coffee and a well-managed roastery.

Who supplies you with coffee?

Over the last decade, we have developed a network of valuable relationships, mostly with small hold farms or the farmers’ appointed agents (representative or co-op), and purchase coffees from importers that share our values like Ally Coffee (www.allycoffee.com). We also purchase organic teas from Starwest Botanicals (www.starwest-botanicals.com) and high-end, specialty coffees, and teas from various small growers to serve exclusively in our coffee bar.

Why don’t you use more certifications?

Every generation has new terminologies and movements (Fairtrade, Organic, Shade-grown, Bird Friendly, Rain Forest Alliance, Green products, Eco-friendly, B-corps, etc. etc.) to force or influence people to do good. We understand the importance of these certification bodies and, at times, engage in their programs; however, we focus our limited resources on the root issue, which is ethics. An organization with integrity and ethics will NOT engage in business practices that harm people, animals, or the planet. We foster and apply our company’s ethics, not other mechanisms, terminologies, or concepts.

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