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Our Sourcing

We are advocates for equality and a thriving and healthy food system!


Our values

We believe in creating economic, social, and environmental progress through collaboration and that ethics and our business philosophy supersede profit-making activities. That is, we intend to generate revenue and profits but not at the expense of our values. For this reason, we choose to do business with those who are in alignment with our values listed below:

  • We embrace all races, genders, spiritual paths, sexual orientations, and people and their individuality, after all, every one of us wants to be heard and seen for our authentic self.
  • We believe in protecting our natural environment and animals.
  • We believe in treating all people with kindness and as equals.
  • We believe in producing products and services that have a benefit to society.


Coffee & Tea

As progressive coffee professionals and advocates for pesticide and GMO-free foods, we understand the importance of Direct Trade and Organic. For us, certifications are not as important as the supplier’s values and their clean growing practices. Building these direct relationships has been a time-intensive and expensive endeavor. We spent over a decade meeting and learning from farmers, coffee processors, non-government organizations, government officials (agriculture and export), and local providence leaders throughout Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam). Many of these valuable relationships have been in place since 2007, when we imported our first container of organic coffees. Over the years, we have formed a few key alliances with other importers that trade in regions where we do not have relationships. One such alliance is with Ally Coffee (www.allycoffee.com). Ally supplies us with quality coffees (organic certified, organic, and conventual) coffees from South America and Africa. We also buy organic teas from Starwest Botanicals (www.starwest-botanicals.com) and purchase high-end, organic specialty coffees and teas from Japan to serve exclusively in our coffee bar in DeLand, Florida, U.S.A.



The founders are both lifelong vegetarians who advocate for growing local clean foods. Quality and localism are so important to the roastery that we have planned for an onsite hydroponic and grow tower farm to be built in the years ahead. It will be run as a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture). We don’t claim to be experts on the complex issues of food today, so we are thrilled to work with a vibrant group of food activists, foodies, herbalists, and farmers who help us. In our coffee bar, we love showcasing local artisans and makers. While our focus is coffee, we offer a delicious assortment of locally made foods. We focus on Certified Organic products whenever possible and always seek items made from locally grown ingredients. To learn more about the seasonal ingredients and products we are currently showcasing, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. It is also a great way to learn about all the other important organizations our coffee sales support! We love our conscious eaters, so we always strive to have a vibrant selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free offerings. Since coffee shops are one of the largest purchasers of milk in the world, we are very proud to support Wainwright Dairy (wainwrightdairy.com) in Jacksonville, FL. This family farm is the most sustainable in the State of Florida, and their happy cows are fed only non-gmo grass-fed dairy. We also have a great selection of organic nut milks for those seeking a dairy-free or vegan alternative from local distributors.

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