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Fred Schneider’s Monster! Blends



This quarter’s Monster! Blend is “Fred Schneider’s Satellite Delight. An Indonesian Sumatra coffee with hints of hazelnut, citrus, and light spiciness. During the cupping of this coffee, we picked up on the following notes as well: Tropical Fruit, Raisin, Molasses, Green Pepper, Cola, Clove, Cedar, Carrot, Caramel.

Limited Edition!
Limited to 1,000 two-box sets.
Each blend is limited to 1,000 orders, and a new blend is released each quarter (four times a year). Each order has two boxes (10 oz per box, 1.25 lbs per order), one to drink and one to collect or give as a gift. Shipping & Handling is $3.50 per order. | U.S.A only.

Fred Schneider is the frontman, a vocalist, and lyricist of the iconic New Wave rock band The B-52s. Also known as the “World’s Greatest Party Band,” Fred and his bandmates gave us countless beloved songs including “Rock Lobster,” “Dance This Mess Around,” and “Private Idaho,” and chart-toppers like “Love Shack” and “Roam.”

Fred is always ready to party and enjoys playing with new forms of expression. The Monster! Blends collection is his way of exploring the connection between coffee culture and artistic expression—how visual arts and taste come together to create a multi-sensory joyful coffee experience. Fred is playing with a variety of specialty coffees to create his delicious and eco-conscious blends. Each coffee is pulled directly from the farmers or the farmers’ appointed agents (representative or co-op) and are grown using entirely pesticide-free, traditional methods. Each coffee has its own unique distinguishing characteristics influenced by the soil, climate, and elevation of where each species is grown, as by the individual farmer’s talent and hard work. These coffees are worth the little extra expense, as they’re limited to the region and, in some instances, originate from a single farm.

So why the Monster! theme on Fred’s boxes? In 1984, Fred Schneider & The Shake Society (one Fred’s early side projects) released a song called “Monster.” The video for the song was the first video banned by MTV, likely because network censors worried about the lyrics concerning Fred’s “monster in my pants that does a naughty dance!” Fred insists that the song is actually about his polka-dotted boxer shorts, and it was rereleased in 1991 to further acclaim. Since that time, mischievous monsters have become a further extension of Fred’s playful personality. With names such as “Javabuzz Rex,” they continue their escapades today and roam the cosmos in search of the perfect coffee beans to roast for Fred’s signature collection. As of today, Fred is working on 12 blends that will roll out over the next few years. These limited-edition coffees are sold exclusively online at www.communityroaster.com.

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