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Fred Schneider’s Collections

Coming 2020!


The Fred Schneider’s Monster! Blend coffee collection is conceived and crafted by Breyting Community Roaster co-founder Fred Schneider, front man, vocalist, and lyricist for the iconic New Wave rock band The B-52s, also known as the “World’s Greatest Party Band.” Fred and his bandmates have given us countless beloved songs including “Rock Lobster,” “Dance This Mess Around,” and “Private Idaho,” and chart-topping hits including “Love Shack” and “Roam.”

So why the “Monster!” theme on Fred’s boxes? Fred Schneider & The Shake Society (one of Fred’s early side projects) released a song called “Monster” back in 1984. The video for the song was the first video banned by MTV, no doubt because the network censors thought that their younger viewers might be scarred for life by hearing about Fred’s “monster in my pants that does a naughty dance!” (Fred maintains that the song is actually about his polka-dotted boxer shorts.) Since that time, mischievous monsters have become a further extension of Fred’s playful personality. With names such as “Javabuzz Rex,” they continue their escapades today as they roam the cosmos in search of the perfect coffee beans to roast for Fred’s signature collection.

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