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Our Snake Bomb® blend has developed a cult-like following. It is a coffee to sip and savor. Originally nicknamed “The Champagne of Coffees” by the French, this full-bodied, smooth brew is complex and naturally sweet with explosive hints of citrus and chocolate. This coffee comes from the tropical mountains of Laos and Vietnam where family-run farms overlook the Mekong River as it snakes through the countryside. This beautiful scene masks a history as rich and complex as the coffee grown here.

Decades ago, coffee farmers migrated higher up the mountains to escape the bombing from the Southeast Asian conflicts. The coffee adapted unexpectedly well to the high altitude, rich volcanic soil and ample rainfall. This created a rare and distinctive flavor found only in this particular region. Laos is the most bombed country per capita on Earth. A portion of the proceeds from every bag goes toward the removal of unexploded bombs (UXO), UXO victim assistance programs and anti-venom projects for snakebites. Please join us by sharing the Lao story and follow our progress at:

cupping notes

Southeast Asia’s finest coffee. Bold, sweet and creamy smooth, a great taste hinting of chocolate and exotic fruits with a light floral aroma.

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