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Right here in your own backyard, or, in this case your ocean, The Taras Oceanographic Foundation is turning the tide on marine research and educating children and adults around the world on the deeply intertwined relationship between our oceans’ health and our own well-being. And the stars of the show are Dolphins!


Throughout centuries, every culture that has had contact with dolphins has created myths and legends about how they came into being, and what their existence means to the world. In our times, dolphins have come to symbolize the concern for the environment and the necessary sharing of the earth. They epitomize and illustrate many of the problems humans inflict upon the sea and engender, in people who might not otherwise care, the desire to improve the health of the marine environment.


The TARAS Foundation has taken this huge interest in dolphins to encourage a greater overall interest in the sea in general, with dolphins as its ambassadors. We have put dolphins front and center in on how the health of dolphins is a key indicator of the ocean’s health and the health of humanity.


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