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Since 1949, Waterfront Rescue Mission, located in Pensacola and Mobile, has served over 59,000 homeless individuals along the Gulf Coast, opening its doors to people from all walks of life while serving them with kindness and compassion. Waterfront works hard to address each man’s specific issues by providing personal, local solutions, which include emergency shelter and supportive services. Waterfront’s team of chaplains, support staff, security guards, and dedicated volunteers provides first for their basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, and safety. After ensuring each client is stabilized, our staff members encourage the men to examine the causes of their homelessness by addressing their individual needs.


Waterfront proposes to help homeless and addicted men overcome barriers to reclaim their futures through stabilizing services and programs. Opportunities exist for those with long-term goals (like securing gainful employment and obtaining housing) or for those simply needing a night of shelter.


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