Wholesale terms


Here you will find an array of information about how to develop a relationship with Breyting Community Roaster™. Or if you’re already a customer, you’ll find helpful tips on how to make your relationship more efficient.To open an account with Breyting Community Roaster™ please fill out our “new customer” form. Once your company is entered into our system, we will assign you an account representative. We will send you an email to your registered email address with this information. Our new customer form will ask you for this email address.

New customer


How To Order

For accuracy and to ensure that your order is expedited correctly and efficiently, Breyting Community Roaster™ kindly asks that all orders be placed via email at support@breyting.com.

Catalog Request

Please send us an email at: support@breyting.com to request our latest wholesale catalog & Look book.


Order Processing

As soon as an order is placed, Breyting Community Roaster™ will expedite it. Please keep in mind that this is a pending order and has not yet been confirmed. Before accepting any order we will check the availability of the items ordered and verify that we can meet your shipping date and purchase order instructions. This process normally takes between 1 to 24 hours. Once Breyting Community Roaster™ accepts the order we will send the customer a FINAL INVOICE and SHIPPING DETAILS to the customer’s REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS.

Approved orders are shipped within 24 hours. Additions to any order already placed will be considered a “new order” and written as a new purchase order. Partial shipments will be approved prior to shipping by your Breyting Community Roaster™ sales representative via email.

If your company has its own common carrier or national shipping account, please include your account number and the vendor’s contact information in your purchase order along with any other routing instructions.


Price Quotations

The pricing listed in our wholesale catalogs is the amount the items will be sold for (shipping and handling cost are additional). There are no discounts available unless it is specified.

Payment Options

Orders may be paid with:

1) Cashier’s check
2) Wire transfer (Our inbound routing instruction are given upon request)
3) Credit card
4) Company Check (NOTE: funds must clear before shipment will be made).
5) Electronic withdraw

Credit Card Form Electronic Payment Form

Credit Terms

Net terms are available upon approval from our factoring partners and risk assessment department. Sizable corporate accounts will be taken under consideration for credit on an individual basis. For credit approval our factoring partners require the following:

1. A valid business license/number
2. A Dun and Bradstreet number
3. Trade and bank references
4. And a completed credit application

If you are interested in obtaining net terms with Breyting Community Roaster™ please send your completed credit application to support@breyting.com. Please allow 2-14 days for credit approval to be completed.

Credit Application Form


Past Due Invoices And NSF

Please remember that Breyting Community Roaster™ is designed as a cooperative and any losses directly affect the workers, farmers and members of our organization. For this reason Breyting Community Roaster uses factoring companies to minimize our financial risk. Each factoring company has its own policy and late charges. Typically a late charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) is charged on past due invoices.

Hassle-Free Returns

If you received Damaged or Defective Items, Shortages and Fulfillment Errors—no worries. Simply fill out our return authorization form and we will make arrangements with you. We ask that you make us aware of your claim within (10) business days of receipt of goods and if possible send photos of defective merchandise and send them with your request to support@Breyting.com.

Return Authorization Form

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations are subject to Breyting Community Roaster™ approval. Unfortunately, cancellations will not be accepted for shipments in progress, but as always Breyting Community Roaster™ will make every effort to work with you and your situation.

Back Order

Its rare, but If you order any products that have been discontinued or are out of stock at the time of fulfillment, a Breyting Community Roaster™ representative will contact you before your order is completed to discuss your options.

Partnership Guides

We are equipped to meet your company’s special requirements for sales and fulfillment. If your company has a Vendor Partnership Guide or a Transportation Routing Guide, PLEASE supply all proper documentation to your local sales representative or our support services department before placing your order.

Ticketing And Packaging

We have the resources and the inclination to handle the most demanding and complex ticketing, packaging and carton marking requirements. We can break up and distribute your order directly to your establishment(s) or distribution warehouse(s).

Freight Quote

Speed you order along with these freight routing documents. By simply clicking on the desired PDF, you’ll be able to fill out the information (in PDF form), ready to be attached in an email, forwarded or mailed to your freight forwarders for quote and to coordinate your freight pick up and routing.

Freight Domestic Form

Disclaimer: If your using your own vendor or freight Breyting Community Roaster™ will not be responsible for non-delivery, loss, or damage during shipment. It is always the responsibility of the buyer to purchase third party insurance to insure your order(s).

Product Liability

Breyting Community Roaster™ does carry product liability on products we make and sell under the Breyting® family of brands. If your company needs proof of coverage please email us at support@Breyting.com to request a copy.